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ANS BABY is our premium quality, all Australian infant formula range. Our range of unique formulations are based on the inspiration of breast milk and developed to nutritionally support the immune system.  It is our belief that breast-feeding is preferable to powdered formula, however, we understand that in many cases this is not possible or impractical. We guarantee the ingredients used in our infant formula are of the finest quality available and we will not compromise our reputation by producing sub-standard products.



Why use ANS BABY, and all Australian infant formula?

Throughout the World, the Australian Dairy Industry has been recognized and heralded as an industry leader through their commitment, innovation and dedication to the application of the Worlds Best Practices.  Australia is a leading industry expert in formula development, state of the art technology in manufacture and stringent Food Safety and Quality Systems to ensure that all products meet the highest International and Country Specific Standards.  ANS BABY infant formula is export quality and is manufactured in accordance with Australian Laws and Government Regulations: the Food Act, Dairy Act, and internationally recognized quality standards such as World Health Organization (WHO), Australian Standard (A.S.), International Dairy Federation (I.D.F) and American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI). This means that ANS BABY cannot leave the factory unless it is exceptional.  The Australian Dairy Industry is vigilant in its concern for the integrity of milk production. The United States currently allows the use of a synthetic growth hormone known as “rBST” to achieve better yields in milk production. It is estimated that over 30% of US dairy herds have this growth stimulant (rBST). This issue has developed into a significant matter affecting the integrity of milk products and is thought to be increasing as the U.S. economy is struggling. This hormone (rBST) is banned in Australia due to concerns relating to milk contamination.  ANS BABY is second to none in terms of function and quality. We have taken every precaution to ensure that we produce the best formula using the latest technology in manufacturing and product development.

The ANS BABY range has all of the required and essential ingredients, which include:

Nucleotides that play a role in almost all biological processes and improve the maturation of the immune system.  DHA and ARA, which have very important roles for the growing infant including optimal development of the nervous system, especially the brain and eyes. While the omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids can be converted to DHA and ARA by humans, evidence exists that suggests that this process is insufficient to achieve optimal accumulation of DHA and ARA in infants and a dietary source is required to meet demand.  Taurine, which is the most abundant free amino acid in human breast milk and research suggests that it may be essential during periods of development. Taurine plays a role in fat absorption and liver function, and may also play a role in nerve protection particularly in the eyes and ears. Taurine is also found in high concentrations in the developing brain.



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