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ANS BABY Stage 2 (follow on formula)


Product Description

ANS Baby Stage 2 follow on formula 900g


ANS Baby Stage 2 follow on formula is a nutritionally complete premium formula suitable from 6 months to 12 months.

“ ANS BABY is our premium quality, all Australian infant formula range. Our range of unique formulations are based on the inspiration of breast milk and developed to nutritionally support the immune system. It is our belief that breast-feeding is preferable to powdered formula, however, we understand that in many cases this is not possible or impractical. We guarantee the ingredients used in our infant formula are of the finest quality available and we will not compromise our reputation by producing sub-standard products.

The ANS baby range has all of the required and essential ingredients, which include:

Nucleotides that play a role in almost all biological processes and improve the maturation of the immune system. DHA and ARA, which have very important roles for the growing infant including optimal development of the nervous system, especially the brain and eyes. While the omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids can be converted to DHA and ARA by humans, evidence exists that suggests that this process is insufficient to achieve optimal accumulation of DHA and ARA in infants and a dietary source is required to meet demand. Taurine, which is the most abundant free amino acid in human breast milk and research suggests that it may be essential during periods of development. Taurine plays a role in fat absorption and liver function, and may also play a role in nerve protection particularly in the eyes and ears. Taurine is also found in high concentrations in the developing brain. “

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  • info@ansbaby.com

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